A Great Gift for the Perpetual Kid: VW Camper Van Tent

The 1965 VW Camper Van Tent from the Monster Factory USA has not been a quiet contender this holiday season. It has been one of the hottest toys on everyone’s lists, especially because there are both kid and adult sizes to accommodate both the little and big kids! Plenty of moms have reviewed the VW Play Tent with high praises and compliments.

One of Mommy’s Favorite Things: The VW Play Tent for Kids!

Moms stick together. We know what products work and which ones don’t, and we love to share which items are worth buying for own families.

That’s why there are plenty of great mom blogs out there with tons of followers – mostly other loyal moms – who want to know what people think of hot products on the market. One of the hottest toys to hit the shelves this holiday season – the VW Camper Van Tent for kids – has been reviewed by multiple moms, and it seems to get the same great reviews time and time again.

Host an Indoor Camping Trip for the Kids this Winter Break

You may not associate the month of December with camping, but don’t limit yourself to the outdoors. You can host a fun camping trip right from the convenience of your own home! In fact, if you plan this activity over winter break, you can be assured that the kids will be talking about it long after. It’s amazing how the simple things can make all the difference. So, invite some friends or family over and arrange for a winter break camping trip – indoors.

Here’s how.

Pitch a Tent

Our Favorite Camper Van Styles

With over 60 years in the making, Volkswagen has shared some pretty awesome versions of the camper vans. In fact, the camper van is the longest running vehicle in the history of motoring, and definitely one of the most popular. Still, these motor vehicles maintained their boxy, minimalist image, which is why they are ceasing production at the end of this year: new safety regulations aren’t compatible with the camper van design.

Splash Magazine Gives the VW Camper Van Tent the Stamp of Approval

Kids Play TentThe holidays are right around the corner, and you may be stuck on what to get your own kids for the season. With toys in every corner of the home and not a lot of time to spend cleaning them up, many parents are getting pickier about what gifts they buy for their own home. That’s why modern parents prefer gifts with the following features:

VW Camper Van Tent for Kids Earns a Spot in the 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

Blue Kids play tentWouldn’t it be great to have a balanced life that was fun, low-stress and even a bit predictable? That’s exactly what the MySoCalledBalancedLife website hopes to achieve for readers. The site reviews products in a number of categories, helping consumers to find the best products at the best prices, while also knowing exactly what they’re getting.

Recently, MySoCalledBalancedLife reviewed one of the season’s most popular toys: the VW Camper Van Tent. Here’s what they had to say:

The VW Camper Van Tent Makes Macaroni Kid’s 4th Annual Holiday Gift Guide

Kids Play TentEveryone is shopping for the most amazing gifts this season, and with a fine selection of toys in both stores and online, shoppers have more options than ever to please family and friends. In fact, with so many toys and gadgets available, it’s almost impossible to choose something that will be loved for more than just one day.

As parents – or grandparents, aunts, uncles, sitters, etc. – finding a gift that embraces creative, imaginative play without making a huge mess is a triumph. That’s why parents lean on other parents to help them out. According to the Macaroni Kid website, the VW Camper Van Play Tent is simply wonderful. That’s why they’ve included it in the 4th Annual Holiday Gift Guide.

Fun Facts about VW Camper Vans

VW Camper VanVolkswagen had an impressive run with their camper vans, but they are closing shop at the end of this year since new safety regulations aren’t exactly compatible with their classic design. Even though we won’t be seeing new productions of these iconic vehicles, we can still relish in all the good memories they have brought American families. Here are a few fun facts about the VW camper vans that we can all appreciate.

It’s the End of the Road for the VW Camper Van

Earlier this fall, Volkswagen announced that it would be the end of the road for the camper van. Although the VW camper vans were an iconic part of American culture, especially during the hippie era, they have been in production in Brazil for quite some time, with updated models that catered to the new era. However, at the end of this year, new safety features are going into effect, and the camper van will not accommodate these changes.