How to Fillet a Fish

The thrill of camping lies in the ability to appreciate nature in its raw form. A primitive camping experience may mean no bathrooms, no warm bed to sleep in and wild animals lurking outside your tent door. It also means having to find and cook your own food.

Now, many families aren’t in a position to hunt game for the whole family, so purchasing a fun, luxury tent like the 1965 Camper Van Tent and packing along a cooler of beans, hot dogs and Lunchables is adequate.

That said, you can enjoy the best of both worlds by catching, filleting and serving up a fresh fish dinner. Fish is packed with protein and will make a filling, healthy dinner for everyone, especially when cooked over an open fire.

Here’s how to fillet a fish using the tail-to-head method. This approach is best for smaller catches.

1. Cut the head off just behind the gills.

2. Hold the fish at the tail. With the blade of the knife pointing away from you, cut toward where the head used to be.

3. Remove the skin. Do this by holding the fish at the tail, skin side down.

4. Hold the knife is a crosswise position across the fillet and insert the knife between the skin and flesh.

5. Cut in the direction of where the head used to be while holding the skin.

The above method is best for smaller fish, but what happens if you make a great catch? To fillet a larger fish, follow these steps.

1. Make a deep cut just behind the gills.

2. Cut a slit just a few inches in length along the top of the fish.

3. Using the tip of your knife, separate the the flesh and bones. The fish should open up nicely.

4. With the fish open, cut away the fillet by moving the knife along the fish’s spine.

We’ve taught you how to fillet a fish, now it’s time to cook what you want! There are dozens of recipes you can make using traditional grilling methods or by cooking the fish over an open fire, such as freshly grilled fish, fish tacos, fish soup and fish sticks.


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