Keeping Your Kids Entertained on a Long Road Trip

Most of us have seen the dozens of hilarious movies that feature families and their struggles on long road trips, but somehow, the same encounters are rarely as funny in real life. We all know how frustrating it can be take a long road trip with a couple of young kids in the backset. The arguing, the poking, the whining, the bathroom trips – the list goes on. Let’s take a look at the some of ways that you can keep your kids entertained on your long car ride and keep your sanity, too.

Make a Vacation Scrapbook

The road trip is part of the experience, so why not make a scrapbook of your adventures? You may give each child their own bag of materials – white paper, glue sticks, pencil, disposable camera – or you can give each child a specific task. Make it a goal to collect mementos and take photos of the neat places you see and visit along the way.

Pack All Varieties of Toys

It’s easy to pack handheld games and tablets, but your kids will need other toys to keep them entertained. For instance, when you make a stop to have a picnic, a soccer ball or frisbee will come in handy. For young kids, fill a bag with inexpensive gadgets from the dollar store to hold their interest when they get bored. New coloring books with crayons, dry erase boards and travel board games like Bingo are also great selections.

On-the-Road Games

Kids always have more fun when the adults join in – at least the younger ones do! – so think of some creative games that the whole family can play. For example, I Spy, License Plate Lingo, the Slug Bug Game (involves spying old Volkswagen cars) or guessing celebrity names are great choices for passing the time. Look for more ideas on your smartphone.

Make Frequent Stops

It’s important to make frequent stops so that everyone has the chance to use the restroom and get something to eat. It’s also important to stop and have picnic lunches, play at a park or take a walk around a pond. This gives the family an opportunity to explore new surroundings, release energy and liven up the road trip. Also be sure to keep your expectations realistic. Even though you may be able to skip lunch and drive through the afternoon, your kids won’t be.

With some planning and patience, you can have a successful road trip and be pitching your new Monster Factory Camper Van Tent in no time!

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