2014 Camping Trends

With a new year upon us, there are new trends to enjoy. Even though camping may seem to be the one thing that goes untouched over the years, there have been many updates made to the camping experience, making this family friendly activity even more enjoyable for people of all ages, demographics and budgets. Let’s check out some of the latest camping trends for 2014.

Camping is More Luxurious

Not everyone enjoys sleeping in a tent or cooking chili over a fire at night. But, most people can’t deny the beauty in watching the stars in an unlit sky, or spending a lazy afternoon on a fishing boat. This year, look for more luxury campsites that offer the best of both worlds: an outdoor camping experience coupled with modern-day luxuries.

While each campsite varies, many have amenities like spas, restaurants, toiletries, heated floors and even laundry service! Some of the most popular “glamping” sites to check out include Camp Orenda in New York state, Sinya on Lone Man Creek in Texas and The Resort at Paws Up in Montana.

Camping Gear Matters

Like many other accessories – the type of snowboard you have, the fishing pole you carry – camping gear is a status and attention thing, not just a comfort thing. That’s why there has been such a surge in the purchase of the 1965 VW Camper Van Tent from the Monster Factory. This tent is large and roomy, and it looks just like an exact replica of the original camper vans from the 60s era, equipped with the split screen and all. The tent will certainly get interest from others at the campsite, and don’t be surprised if you meet a few new friends because of it.

Diverse Activities

When people think of camping, the types of activities that come to mind include fishing, hiking or stargazing. In 2014, watch for new activities to be offered, especially with the addition of high-end campsites. Some of the most exciting activities that are being launched at campsites across the U.S. include horseback riding, geocaching, wilderness workshops, river adventures, rock climbing and spelunking.

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