“3 Sons Have I” Reviews the Volkswagen Play Tent

Some blogs are just too constructive, creative and genuine to pass up, and such is the case with 3 Sons Have I. As the name implies, the writer of the blog is currently raising a happy and lively family with three young boys, ages 5, 15 and 21. As a busy mom on-the-go, it’s important for her to have useful toys and activities that keeps her youngest son busy. So, we figured that the VW Camper Van Tent would be the perfect playmate for her 5-year-old.

Here’s what this mom of three had to say about the popular play tent for kids.

“Imagine a box at your door and you see the label from The Monster Factory. Within minutes your kids are grabbing their blankets and dolls and toys and creating their own little world in a VW Camper right in your home! They play their hearts out and you think how useful this will be come summer for shade or some fun in the sand or backyard.

That is exactly what took place in my home a few days ago! I saw this large box and called my son downstairs. I let him open it and he saw the box and looked puzzled. I pulled out this bag designed to look like a tire and a pop up tent came out. I could hardly get the easy 4 poles into the support sleeves and he was running around grabbing toys and blankets for his new ‘fort’. It was where he slept that night and a few nights in a row afterwards until I decided it was best folded back up so not to be destroyed for some camping trips we will be going on this summer!

This will make the perfect play tent for the kids in the summer as it has 2 doors and a window that makes great ventilation and breezeways! The size is roomy as you can tell and my 5 year old is tall for his age-and the inside photo was with me inside-plenty of room!

To learn more and see the available colors and adult tents, visit themonsterfactoryusa.com.”


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