VW Camper Vans in the Media

You can’t argue with the fact that the Volkswagen camper vans are quintessential pieces of American history. Even people who have never been in a real camper van can easily spot one on the road and be familiar with the features that make it so unique, such as its splitscreen, boxy shape and indoor amenities that were enough to make it a home.

Today we will be looking at how VW camper vans have made it into traditional media, including some of our favorite movies. Let’s take a look.

Little Miss Sunshine: The bright yellow T2 camper van was almost as much of a star as little Olive Hoover. Maybe it wasn’t in the best condition – or prepared to make a road trip to California – but the Hoover family surely made many memories in this boxy yellow camper van.

Wait Until Dark: This 1967 thriller starred Audrey Hepburn and Alan Arkin, who was also featured in Little Miss Sunshine. Looks like he’s a good match for the VW Camper Vans!

Magnum Force: This Clint Easton film had Mr. Easton crashing into a VW camper in the second Dirty Harry movie.

Field of Dreams: This classic movie stars Kevin Costner, who kidnaps James Earl Jones in a VW Camper Van. Hey, at least if you’re going to be kidnapped, it might as well be in a comfy camper van!

Cars: Loved by all kids, the Disney Cars movie has the cutest characters. We can’t forget Fillmore, a VW Type 2 camper van. This loveable green camper van is painted in hippie symbols from the 60s.

Argo: This movie was positively praised for its exceptional acting and storyline. Ben Affleck’s character smuggled out six US embassy staff members in a yellow and white T2b camper van.

Alice’s Restaurant: Arlo Guthrie featured himself in his vibrant red Splitty many times in his 1969 autobiographical film.

Scooby Doo: That Mystery Machine certainly looks cool, but did you ever realize where the inspiration came from? Even though many people claim it was a T2, it was actually a Chevrolet Sportswagon, which was one of many lookalikes that came out in the 50s. Still, we have to agree: the Mystery Machine is pretty neat.

Jamie Oliver: Jamie Oliver is known for being an amazing chef – even on the road. He has been featured in a number of programs, and he is loved for his ability to make a salad in the back of a “Stig.”

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