Glamping: The Alternative to Camping

Okay, so your family loves to go camping and you really want to pretend like you do. Like, really. But there’s something about sleeping in the wilderness, on a cold ground with nothing but a bush to use for a bathroom. If you want to enjoy new experiences and show your family that yes, you can be fun and adventurous, “glamping” may be for you.

What is Glamping?

Glamping is a term that is used to describe “glamorous camping.” It takes the fun, comfy parts of camping – looking up at the stars, roasting marshmallows, a warm, toasty fire – but removes the less glamorous sides. This trend is relatively new in the US, and it isn’t exactly acknowledged by rustic campers who insist that glamping is not the real deal. Still, glamping can be the best of both worlds for some families.

Glamping in the Camper Van Tent

If glamping sounds like something you may like, consider the 1965 VW Camper Van Tent from the Monster Factory USA. This tent is probably the coolest tent you will ever see, as it looks just like the original camper vans from the 1960s. It’s large, with enough room to fit four adults. For glampers, though, you’ll probably only want to fit two adults. Extra leg room please!

The tent also features two inner rooms, plenty of privacy, generous height and easy setup and take down. You’ll stay warm and dry with the impressive waterproof specs, and you’ll certainly draw the attention from other campers at your site, which is great if you’re a single glamper.

Speaking of campsites, you’ll want to choose one that has modern amenities like bathrooms, showers and even Wi-Fi. Some campsites also have restaurants, hot tubs and propane grills for cooking up fresh fish or a tray of hot dogs. Don’t be afraid to bring along cozy sleeping bags and pillows, as the Camper Van Tent will allow for plenty of room to read or surf on your smartphone.

While glamping is certainly a new approach to camping, it may be the perfect balance for people who want to enjoy some parts of camping, but not all. With the spring not far away, it may be time to prepare for your next glamping trip!

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