5 Reasons Why We Love the Camper Van

The VW Camper Van is an iconic piece of history, and the cease of production at the end of 2013 surely left a tear in our eyes. Not to fear, of course, as the Monster Factory USA is home to exact replicas of the camper van – just in tent form. Our Camper Van Tent is available in adult and kid sizes. They have all the details of a real camper van, and the fact that they are great to travel with helps families continue building on-the-road memories.

Here are 5 reasons why we can’t get enough of the camper van.

1. It’s a symbol of freedom. America is built on the promise of freedom, and the VW Camper Van is exactly that. This proved especially powerful during a tumultuous time in history when camper vans were at their highest. Families would pack up and head out on a cross-country adventures, building memories and escaping from reality.

2. It’s a symbol of love. Who traveled a ton with the camper vans? Hippies of course! Okay, maybe this a bit cliche, but the added seating in the camper vans made them perfect for traveling in large groups. We all know that hippies wanted to bring peace and love, and that’s exactly what they did – and the camper van got them there.

3. You could live an entire life in one. It’s true: camper vans were stocked with all the amenities like sinks, showers, tables and pull-out beds. How this all fit together in one neat camper van is amazing till this day. Either way, if you couldn’t pay rent for a month, your camper van would be there.

4. It has preserved its vision. Today’s cars are built to the latest safety regulations. They are built to be cool. In a few years, almost every car is outdated. But the camper vans continued to hold onto their original vision, and they didn’t shy away from their original design. Even up until the end of 2013, you could expect a boxy camper van that surely didn’t meet the safety specs for anti-lock brakes and airbags. But still, people loved them.

5. It made a mark in history. While we know and love the camper vans for being an iconic piece of history during the 1960s and 79s, the truth is that camper vans are popular in all parts of the world. And, you can find kids’ building sets, play tents, candies, stickers, keychains and the like that have the camper van on them. Even though production is through, you can bet that we won’t be forgetting this vehicle any time soon.

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