VW Camper Van Tent: Your Kids Will Love it for More than a Minute!

At The Monster Factory USA, we love to hear stories about how our camper van tents making both kids and adults happy! Our company is built on fun, excitement and the thrill of living life, and that’s exactly what our VW Camper Van Tents do.

Here’s what one mom had to say after reviewing the kids’ VW Play Tent, and why she had to have it on her recommended holiday gift list.

Straight from Mama C’s Secrets to Savings blog:

“I remember as a kid always loving forts and tents! So when I was given the chance to review The Monster Factory USA 1965 VW Camper Van Play Tent for my boys I was very excited! It has got to be one of the most fun designs for kids tents that I have ever seen! My boys were so excited when we received this and it was so easy to set up that we had it up within the first 10 minutes of them ripping open the box.

The setup is very simple. It comes with four poles that have a stretchy string that holds them together, but that you can take them apart to fit inside the bag. The carrying bag itself is probably one of the coolest parts about the tent because it is a circular bag that the tent folds down into but it looks like a tire. The tent itself folds in and out of the bag fairly easy; in fact putting it back in the bag reminds me of how you fold those Sun shields for your windshield of your car.

As many of you know I have 3 little boys and this is the first play tent we have ever had that was big enough for all three of them to play on at the same time. There are two access points on the tent: on the side there is a flip up door and also the back flips up so you can get in or out of it from the side or the back. The front has a Velcro window that can actually be rolled up and has loops and toggles so that you can leave the window up so they can see out.

Every Saturday night they get inside the tent and have a sleep over in the middle of the front room floor. They face it so the back is towards the TV and lift the back so they can set up their blankets and pillows on the tent and then watch movies all night. This has got to be one of the most fun things my boys have ever had and it has stayed one of their favorite play things for much longer than anything else ever has.

The tent we got was blue but it also comes in Red or Pink.

Also for you adults who have the kid in you still and are looking for your own special tent they also make these in full size tents! They come in blue and red.”

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