One of Mommy’s Favorite Things: The VW Play Tent for Kids!

Moms stick together. We know what products work and which ones don’t, and we love to share which items are worth buying for own families.

That’s why there are plenty of great mom blogs out there with tons of followers – mostly other loyal moms – who want to know what people think of hot products on the market. One of the hottest toys to hit the shelves this holiday season – the VW Camper Van Tent for kids – has been reviewed by multiple moms, and it seems to get the same great reviews time and time again.

Mommy’s Favorite Things is a blog that offers honest reviews of all types of family friendly products, such as the VW Play Tent. Here’s what the honest mom had to say:

“I’ve been wanting to find a gift that both my kids can share for this year. Being that they’re 4.5 years apart it’s kind of hard to find and come across. But when I saw the VW Tent by The Monster Factory, I knew that this is what I wanted for a nice shared gift for the kids!!

We received the tent in red and it’s AWESOME!

It comes with a carrying case. I have to admit, when I saw this I freaked because I thought ‘I could NEVER get it back in there’ but I DID!!!”

This mom brought up a great point: the VW Play Tent is a great toy to share. If you’re looking for something last minute for your kids or grandkids, or your budget is tight and you want a gift that will give you a lot of bang for your buck, the VW Camper Van Tent is the perfect present. It’s fun, easy to clean and spacious enough that it can fit three kids on the inside. The play tent can be easily shared and enjoyed between siblings, cousins and friends, even those who are several years apart.

Happy Shopping!

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