Host an Indoor Camping Trip for the Kids this Winter Break

You may not associate the month of December with camping, but don’t limit yourself to the outdoors. You can host a fun camping trip right from the convenience of your own home! In fact, if you plan this activity over winter break, you can be assured that the kids will be talking about it long after. It’s amazing how the simple things can make all the difference. So, invite some friends or family over and arrange for a winter break camping trip – indoors.

Here’s how.

Pitch a Tent

To set the stage for your indoor camping extravaganza, pitch a tent. We recommend the lovely VW Kids Camper Van Tent. This thing goes up easy and fits three kids comfortably. Or, try the adult version of the VW Camper Van Tent, which fits up to four adults. Everyone will love curling up in the tents, which are exact replicas of the original 1965 VW camper vans, by the way.

The good news is that when the camping trip is over, you can fold up the tents within minutes and keep them in a closet, behind the couch or under a bed. They’re slim and don’t create any mess or headache.

Read Stories

Have a collection of books that you plan on reading during your camping trip. Wait till it’s dark, turn off the lights and bring a flashlight. Of course, you can always bring out the scary stories, but you do want the kids to sleep, right?

Have a Pretend Bonfire

You may not be able to light a real bonfire, but you can make a pretend one. A lantern is a great way to bring in natural light, and you can put it on the floor so that it’s like a bonfire. Just make sure that it’s cool to the touch so that the kids won’t get burned.

Serve Tasty Treats

No one ever said that you couldn’t have s’mores just because you have a lantern for a bonfire! You can pop the s’mores in the microwave if you want them to be ooey and gooey, or you can pack s’mores in a bag with marshmallows, graham crackers and a piece of chocolate.

Hand Out Glow Necklaces

As the camping trip starts to wind down and everyone is ready to sleep in the Camper Van Tent, hand out glow necklaces or bracelets. These fun gadgets are fun to play with in a dark tent, and can also help kids who are anxious about not sleeping in their beds relax.

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