Fun Facts about VW Camper Vans

VW Camper VanVolkswagen had an impressive run with their camper vans, but they are closing shop at the end of this year since new safety regulations aren’t exactly compatible with their classic design. Even though we won’t be seeing new productions of these iconic vehicles, we can still relish in all the good memories they have brought American families. Here are a few fun facts about the VW camper vans that we can all appreciate.

  • The VW camper vans have been in production for 63 years. This December will be the end of the road (no pun intended)
  • Over 10 million camper vans have been built. If you stretched them from end to end, they would span across the entire world!
  • The first camper van went only 65 miles per hour.
  • Camper vans are popular among celebrities. Some of the celebrities that own these vans include Jamie Oliver, Robbie Williams, Jenson Button, Richard Hammond, and Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend from The Who.
  • The most popular color of camper vans is light blue. In fact, 20% of the T2 style were made in a light blue color.
  • Other popular colors include light green, black, red, orange, purple, dark blue, yellow, pink, white, brown and silver. Phew!
  • VW camper vans have many nicknames. One of the most popular from the 1960s is the “hippie van.”
  • The most popular destinations for camper van camping in the UK are Scotland and Cornwall.
  • Camper vans are most closely related to camping. But they have many other uses, including shuttle vans and wedding party vans.
  • Some games are just worth playing on the road. The most popular games to be played in camper vans include Chess, Monopoly and Scrabble.

We can all agree that the Volkswagen camper vans will be greatly missed, even though they haven’t been in production in the U.S. for quite some time. But, there is no need to worry!  The Monster Factory USA is the creator of the highly talked about VW Camper Van Tent.  It looks just like the original splitscreen camper vans, and you’ll be instantly taken back to your own childhood.  Not only do these adult- and kid-size tents look great, but they are perfect for camping adventures of your own.

Image Credit: Wiki Commons


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