It’s the End of the Road for the VW Camper Van

Earlier this fall, Volkswagen announced that it would be the end of the road for the camper van. Although the VW camper vans were an iconic part of American culture, especially during the hippie era, they have been in production in Brazil for quite some time, with updated models that catered to the new era. However, at the end of this year, new safety features are going into effect, and the camper van will not accommodate these changes.

The camper vans were originally made in Germany, but safety laws were strict in Europe. That’s why production moved to Brazil, where the laws were more lenient. Yet even Brazil has adopted similar safety laws, such as adding airbags and antilock brakes to all vehicles. Since the camper vans are not compatible with these features, the company decided to cease production at the end of 2013.

Of course, many people are disappointed at the news of this, as even though Americans don’t see too many camper vans on the roads these days, they are still widely popular in other countries. People love traveling in these iconic vehicles that are cool enough to both sleep and drive in. After all, camper vans – no matter where you live – stand for freedom and fun.

At The Monster Factory USA, we have to agree that the VW camper vans are simply too good to be forgotten. That’s why we have designed the very cool and popular 1965 VW Camper Van Tent for kids and adults. These tents are exact replicas of the original camper vans, and they are super cool for camping or just having fun in.

The adult size, for example, fits four people comfortable, has impressive waterproofing specifications and a durable design that will withstand all types of camping. The kid size is great for passing time on a rainy day without having to scrub paint and Play-Doh off the carpet. Plus, you can’t argue with something that reminds you of a slice of history. Every time you go camping or watch your kids crawl through the Camper Van Tent, you’ll be flooded with good memories.

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