Tips for Winter Camping

winterThink that camping is just a summer thing? Think again! Winter is a wonderful time to go camping, even if you live in a cold-climate area. Sure, the weather may be a bit nippier and you won’t be able to do all of the same activities as in the other seasons, but there is something unique that winter camping has to offer. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Pack Clothes in Layers – and Don’t Forget the Accessories

You will need to be especially diligent when packing clothes and gear for winter camping. Plan for layers of clothing as well as thick materials like wool, fleece or polyester. You’ll need to have gear to keep your head, hands and feet warm, and durable outerwear that is waterproof, windproof and has sturdy buttons or zippers. Having a spare pair of gloves and a hat is a good idea, too.

Choose Warm Sleeping Bags and Foam Pads

Choose a durable sleeping pad that is rated to a temperature lower than what you feel is comfortable. So, if the nighttime temperatures will drop to zero degrees, you will want a sleeping bag that is rated at -30 degrees F. Also, you’ll need a foam pad to insulate you from the snow. Select a foam pad that is thick and covers the length of your body.

Select a Winter-proof Camping Tent

Winter camping requires a tent that can withstand both wind and snow. You can’t get away with a cheap tent in this case.

Pack the Snow

Before setting up your tent, make sure the snow is packed down. This can take some time if you don’t have a pair of skis, but it’s necessary. Otherwise, you can step on a pile of soft snow, and your boots will go right through the floor of your VW Camper Van Tent – and you definitely don’t want that to happen!

Have a Source of Light

Fires are advantageous because they provide light, warmth and allow you to cook yourself a warm meal. Also, fires are helpful for melting snow, which also filters out the water so that you don’t have to use a chemical filter. If you choose to use a lantern for warmth and light, use lithium batteries to power it. They’re lighter, last longer and more productive in cold temperatures.


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