Why Every Child Should Know ‘Volkswagen’

VWLogoWhether you’re a Volkswagen fan or not, we can pretty much all agree that these German-bred cars have made their mark in vehicle history. From clean Diesel cars to hybrid electric models, VW is known for being on the cutting-edge of engine technology. Perhaps you remember one of their earlier contributions to American culture: the 1965 VW Camper Van.

Ahhh….the camper vans. If you saw one driving on the road back in the 60s or 70s, you pretty much assumed that the family inside it was traveling across the state, building memories and exploring the great outdoors. While you certainly don’t see too many camper vans driving around town these days, that doesn’t mean they’ve been forgotten.

In fact, once you meet The Monster Factory, you may actually start seeing a few more camper vans in your area, er, home that is.

 The Monster Factory sells the 1965 VW Camper Van Tent in both kid and adult sizes. While both are exceptionally fun and cool, we’re focusing more on the kid version today since every child has to grow up knowing what the original camper vans looked like. Our tents do a great job of bringing back these good memories, as they are built to the same specs as a real camper van, just in a smaller size.

 We have plenty of parents – moms especially – who absolutely adore the Camper Van Tent. Take this mom, for instance, who pens the blog Kids, Clutter and Chaos (which pretty much explains her days, too!). Here’s what she has to say about introducing her young sons to the VW Camper Van Tent.

“A mini-me version of the iconic 1965 Split Screen VW Camper Van these tents are packed with realistic details and are large enough to accommodate up to three children. Packaged in a super cool VW Wheel bag this tent springs to life and with the addition of a couple included poles in both the top and bottom ends you are ready to play the day away! When play time is over simply remove the poles and fold back up and store in the bag. Perfect for indoor or outdoor play.”

No child should grow up not knowing what the 1965 VW Camper Vans were like! Introduce your kids to a slice of history and pass the good memories down!

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