Top 4 Reasons Why Kids – and Adults – Love the VW Camper Van Tent

VW Camper TentLet us introduce you to the 1965 VW Camper Van Tent, an exact replica of the 1965 camper vans that many American families spent time traveling in. For the first time, these tents are available for kids and adults who are looking to have some fun both indoors and out. Let’s take a look at five great reasons why kids – and adults – love our Camper Van Tents!

1.  They bring back great memories.

The 1965 VW Camper Vans represent a favorite American pastime: cross country traveling. There’s something refreshing about hitting the road and leaving your problems behind, even if only for a weekend. If your family spent many days traveling in a VW Camper Van, one of our tents will bring back fond memories of these days. It’s also nice to share stories with your own children.

2. They offer hours of unstructured play.

Kids need to be able to unwind. It’s not often that they sit back and enjoy hours of creative play that doesn’t involve video games or smartphone apps. The Camper Van Tent for kids encourages this type of rewarding, unstructured play. Watch your kids’ imaginations unfold as they play out their own camping trips, car washes or bus stops.

3. They can be used indoors and outdoors.

The adult size Camper Van Tent can comfortably fit four adults, which means it’s likely to accommodate your whole family. Use the tent in your backyard for an outdoor adventure or take it to your favorite camping spot. A kid size version can also be used in your backyard, or it works well in basements, play rooms and lofts.

4. They leave room for everyone to join in.

The wonderful thing about the original camper vans was that they built family memories. The Camper Van Tent is no exception; it builds new memories, just in a different way. These tents provide enough room so that the whole family can stay together, and it facilitates family camping trips and excursions. Even the kids’ tent offers room for three kids, and there’s nothing to fight over as with other toys and game controllers.

Most importantly, you’ll be building new memories in your VW Camper Vant Tent!

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