Spice Up Playdates with the VW Camper Van Play Tent

Kids VW Play TentIf you have young children, you know just what a playdate is. Yes, very quickly you go from the dating scene to the playdate scene, and it’s hard to say who is harder to please: your mate or your kids. Thankfully, The Monster Factory has stepped up to the plate to give parents a break from the crazy, hectic and messy playdates that so commonly take place in homes across America. The 1965 Camper Van Tent for kids offers endless hours of play without the mess or the tears.

Why the VW Kids Camper Van Tent is Great for Kids

Here’s why every parent will love the Camper Van Tent, especially when it comes time for playdates.

  • It’s different. Kids get tired of playing with the same toys, and not that many homes have a great tent to play in, let alone one that looks like the classic 1965 VW Camper Van. (Okay, maybe the parents and grandparents will appreciate this fact a bit more!)
  • It’s mess free. Art projects, Legos, stacks of blocks. The list goes on. Unfortunately, playdates are hardly ever clean, and chances are good that you spend more time cleaning up than the kids did playing. Thankfully, the kids Camper Van Tent takes one step to setup and one step to take down. That’s. It.

  • It allows for many kids to play at once. It’s hard for a group of kids to get along, and you get tired of playing the mediator. The Camper Van Tent offers enough room for at least three kids to play comfortably in the tent, not to mention that more kids can play outside the tent. (Pretend car wash? Role play a camping trip?) Either way, there is something for everyone to do, and nothing to fight over.

  • It facilitates creative play. When your kids have friends over, it’s your time to catch up on other things around the home since they’re being entertained. You don’t want to build another airplane or play another board game or role play another cat. With the 1965 VW Camper Van Tent, your kids can play with their friends without you having to lift a finger. Ahh, the life.

What are you waiting for? Start enjoying your kids’ playdates as much as they do by buying your very own Camper Van Tent for kids here.

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