Need Ideas for Early Holiday Shopping? Add the 1965 VW Camper Van Tent to Your List!

VW Kids Camper Tent - The Monster Factory USAMaybe you love the holidays, maybe you don’t, but one thing is for certain: the time to start shopping is right around the corner! It’s the end of October, and that leaves less than two months to get everyone on your holiday shopping list a great gift that they will be excited to open and even more excited to use. If you’re dreading hitting the mall this year, we can’t blame you. The crowds, the overstuffed parking lots, the strong stench of colognes and perfumes as you walk through each department store – we get it. We understand.

Let us suggest something different for you this year: the 1965 VW Camper Van Tent. These tents are available for both kids and adults, so you can please every age group on your list. To make things even easier, you can purchase the Camper Van Tent for each family or group of siblings instead of having to buy each person individual gifts. This cuts down on the number of gifts you have to buy, wrap and lug with you to each occasion.

The Camper Van Tent is an exact replica of the 1965 Camper Van that is synonymous with fun, freedom and interstate traveling that American families enjoyed back in the 1960s and 70s. Receiving this tent as a gift is sure to bring back lots of great memories, and it’s the perfect holiday gift for siblings and cousins that shared these great times with you. The adult sized Camper Van Tent is great for families and adults that enjoy camping, and it comfortably fits four people.

The kid sized Camper Van Tent is a big hit, and it will keep the kids quiet for hours. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and comes available in blue and pink. See what one mom says about the Camper Van Tent, written up in Examiner:

“Although most kids have no idea what a VW Camper Van is, I think this tent is awesome! I love this retro tent, a version of the 1960’s van, and love that my kids think it’s really cool. When I put the tent up for the first time, I was very surprised with the size. My children have had play tents in the past, but this one is super roomy, with more than enough room for both of my boys.”

Purchase the Camper Van Tent online at The Monster Factory USA. We have great prices, hassle-free shopping and exceptional customer service that keeps you out of the crowded malls.

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