Tired of the Same Ole Toys for the Kids? Try the VW Camper Van Tent!

Kids VW TentImagine this scenario, which you probably know fairly well.

You walk through your house after a long day to pick up all the stray toys: naked baby dolls, random pieces of Legos, superhero fighting guys made from cheap plastic. The list goes on. No one minds having a complete collection of toys for their kids if the toys are played with and then neatly put away. Unfortunately, only June Cleaver had kids like this. Today’s kids are more interested in creating the next massive tornado using their toys as the basis.

What’s worse is that so many toys these days are made from cheap materials, which means they either break quickly or keep falling apart so that you find clueless remains of plastic legs and arms throughout the home. If you’re tired of spending your hard-earned dollars on the same ole toys, it’s time to try something new, something innovative. The Camper Van Tent for kids.

You may be thinking of the camper vans from back in the day, and that’s exactly what these tents from The Monster Factory USA look like. They are lightweight, durable and super simple to setup and take down. Your kids will love crawling through the entry points and having their own secret space away from Mom and Dad. See what real moms have to say about the 1965 Camper Van Tent:

“My kids love to build forts and tents in the house, but as a Mom, it drives me nuts to have blankets thrown all over the furniture. When I had the opportunity to review a VW Kid’s Tent from The Monster Factory USA, I was so excited…finally a tent that they could play in, and no mess!”

– Melissa Moreno at Missi Rose’s Views

The Camper Van Tent is made from quality materials and licensed by The Monster Factory, now available in the US. It’s a refreshing alternative to today’s popular toys, and it doesn’t involve mess like other toys do. Plus, the tent allows for hours of creative, independent play.

“When I saw this adorable 1965 V.W. Camper Van Play Tent, I knew that it would be a big hit with my son! It brings back good memories for many parents and is a blast for kids. This tent is miniaturized and made proportionally smaller to the exact specs of the iconic Hippie Mobile, but without the motor. It is large enough for three children to hang out in and is easy to use in your home, backyard, or on the beach. (Stakes are provided if you want to take it outdoors.) I am impressed with how adorable this is, the generous size for 3 children to play in, and the durability.”

Trendy Mom Reviews

Pick up your VW Camper Van Tent by visiting TheMonsterFactoryUSA.com.

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