Top 12 Reasons to Take Your Kids Camping this Fall

Fall CampingThere is something remarkable about the fall season. The changing color of the leaves, the impending holiday months and the brisk temperatures that favor bonfires, leaf piles and warm apple cider. The summer is over, and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season will be here before we know it. Use the fall season to connect with the people that matter most: your family. Autumn embraces family time, and what better way to be with the ones you love than by camping in the U.S.!

Here are 12 reasons why you should take your kids camping this fall – no excuses!

1. Camping teaches kids to appreciate nature. Too many kids spend their days sitting indoors, playing with tablets, smartphones and video games. Show your kids the beautiful world that awaits them and how they can connect with nature. It’s wonderful for the soul!

2. Camping encourages new skills. It’s important for kids to learn new skills, and the best way to do this is by putting them in new environments. Camping encourages resourcefulness, creativity and efficiency, all of which build on new skills.

3. Camping removes distractions. Cell phones, TVs, tablets, iPads – you probably have all of these sitting in your home. The problem with these devices is that they don’t give you a break from the outside world. Camping DOES remove these distractions and allows you to focus on what’s really important.

4. Camping teaches gratitude. When you spend a weekend camping, there’s no doubt that you’ll be missing the everyday luxuries that we take for granted: a warm bed, a hot shower, a flushing toilet, and so on. It’s the little things that matter.

5. Camping fosters strong relationships. A campsite is packed with friendly people who are looking to get away from everyday distractions. Expect to strengthen your own family relationships when there’s nothing but you, the kids and Mother Nature.

6. Camping creates family traditions. If you were one of the families that drove around in a VW Camper Van, the 1965 VW Camper Van Tent will surely bring back wonderful memories. Share your family’s past traditions with your kids while building new family customs.

7. Camping is budget friendly. You don’t need to work a second job to afford a camping trip. Not only are campsites inexpensive (or free depending on where you go), but also the activities don’t cost much, if anything. A swim in the lake, an evening bonfire or hiking through the trails can be done on a dime.

8. Camping builds teamwork. Sports and group activities are great for teamwork building, but so is camping. The kids must work together for the common good of the family, whether it’s building a fire or setting up a tent using camping accessories. In a society that’s rather narrow-minded, it feels good to teach the kids how to work together.

9. Camping is exciting. Plain and simple – camping is fun. Sometimes, we need to step away from the daily grind that we go through each and every day. Camping is the perfect way to spice up a dull routine.

10. Camping instills new hobbies. It’s important for kids to have hobbies that make them feel good about themselves, and when they have the opportunity to try new things, they can find what truly makes their hearts happy.

11. Camping brings the family together. Summer is over, everyone is back at work and school, and the holidays are about to bring out the crazies. Use the calming fall season to reconnect with the kids and how they are adapting to their new schedules.

12. Camping is for everyone. No matter how many kids you have, what ages they are or what interests they have, there is something for everyone on a camping trip. It’s truly a family friendly activity that won’t break the bank.

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