VW Camper Van in the real world: Upstate New York

Everyone loves the VW Camper Van that symbolizes fun, freedom and unstructured travel in the U.S. While it’s true that the iconic camper van can be found across the world, it holds special meaning to American families, especially those who owned their very own camper back in the 1960s and 70s. With its split screen, boxy shape and numerous configurations for sleeping and storage, the VW Camper Van can’t be mistaken for anything else.

Here at The Monster Factory USA, we can’t help but recall the fond memories that these camper vans have brought to our own families. That’s how the 1965 VW Camper Van Tents came to be. These tents look just like the 1965 model of the Volkswagen Camper Van and are available for kids and adults.

As real as the tents appear, we do not recommend trying to drive them down the street!

Instead, pitch a tent in your backyard or favorite campsite and build new family memories in front of your authentic Camper Van Tent.

Let’s take a look at how everyday people are using this amazingly awesome tent in their outdoor excursions.

Greetings from Pinamar, Provincia de Buenos Aires. Argentina!

Greetings from Pinamar, Provincia de Buenos Aires. Argentina!


Fun for the family!

Fun for the family!

You may be wondering a few things, like how comfortable you can expect the Camper Van Tent to be. You’ll be pleased to know that these happy families are camping in New York, an area that sees all four seasons. The Camper Van Tent is very comfortable, and it offers impressive waterproofing specifications at 3000mm for the roof and 1000mm for the sides. The tent can also fit four people comfortably!

You’ll also love the fact that the 1965 Camper Van Tent is easy to put up and take down. We don’t like to say that it’s idiot-proof, per se, but it is. Use the free standing poles to put up the tent and take it down in minutes. No wonder everyone looks dazzlingly happy in their pictures!

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