Why We Decided to Make VW Camper Van Tents

vwtent_side-u1375Everyone knows the traditional Volkswagen Camper Van that has become an iconic part of our world’s history. These camper vans may have been referred to as “boxes on wheels,” but for the people who had one in their family, these vans are the hub of childhood memories.

The 1965 VW Camper Van remains synonymous with freedom and fun, especially during a tumultuous time when the boundaries between peace, love and war were pushed beyond limits. You may not be able to get your hands on a real camper van, especially considering that the company announced that the last van will come out in December, but you can enjoy a slice of history with the VW Camper Van Tent.

The VW Camper Van Tent is a replica of the 1965 VW Camper Van, the same one you may have traveled in with your own family years ago. If you want to pass down the tradition to your own children and grandchildren, the Camper Van Tent is an excellent way to do this. Available in blue and red, you’ll appreciate the subtle details that make this tent come to life, including a split screen and the infamous VW symbol on the front. There is both an adult and child version of so that everyone on your gift list will be covered.

So why should you spring for the VW Camper Van Tent as opposed to a standard tent?

Creativity and Fun

If you’re tired of seeing everyone with the same standard tents at the campground, the 1965 VW Camper Van Tent will peak some new interest. The tent is absolutely beautiful and looks like the real camper vans from back in the day. It will surely bring back childhood memories, and in a way, that’s what camping is all about: being happy and feeling like a kid again.

Comfort and Durability

The VW Camper Van Tent is roomy, with two inner rooms and enough sleeping space for four people to get a good night’s rest under the stars. You can also stand up in the tent since it offers height as well. What about rain, you ask? Don’t worry; the Camper Van Tent has impressive waterproofing specifications at 3,000mm for the roof and 1,000mm for the sides. No matter where you travel to, you can expect to stay warm and dry the entire trip through.

Easy Operation

The Camper Van Tent is idiot-proof – literally. All tents come with free-standing poles that are bungee corded and feature quality click connectors. It takes just minutes to set up the tent and minutes to take it down. The ease of operation makes it possible to travel to multiple campsites while enjoying the same comfort and durability.

And that, folks, is why we make and love the 1965 VW Camper Van Tent!

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